Why avoid Reach to Teach Recruiting?

I had a horrible experience overseas because I trusted Reach to Teach Recruiting. If I had known then what I know now, I never would have applied with such a dishonest company. I was a naive, single female who fell for a flashy website. I want people to know what happened so they can be better informed. I tried to leave reviews about my experience on other websites, but they either deleted or never posted what I wrote. Thus, this website was born. Take this account as a warning about Reach to Teach, but also as a primer and how you can avoid a scam.

Here is a summary of my horrid experience, in the order I experienced it:

Reach to Teach Korea: This is where my application with Reach to Teach Recruiting started and where I was first deceived.

Reach to Teach Taiwan: The place I took my first job abroad and only job through Reach to Teach. I was lied to from beginning to end.

Reach to Teach China: I was not fooled into taking a second nightmare job from Reach to Teach Recruiting, but I did learn valuable things about the extent of their incompetence.

Also, PLEASE READ the page on Reach to Teach Events. This is how they convince a lot of people to teach in Taiwan, but as you will see, you should avoid going to these events. Also, it’s important to understand why negative Reach to Teach reviews are almost never posted.