Reach to Teach Application Process

Applying at Reach to Teach Recruiting

Before even applying for Reach to Teach jobs or starting the interview process, you have been scammed by their website and advertising. Reach to Teach Recruiting would have you think they have jobs all over the world. They list jobs teaching English in Chile, Hong Kong, Georgia (the country, not the state), Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Viet Nam, and more. At any given time, though, they might have jobs available in two or three countries.

Back when I applied, they only had direct jobs in China and Taiwan. I asked about some of the other countries and their response was basically “we just haven’t had time to update our website.” Months later, the information is still on their website as if they have jobs in many countries.

This is how the scam goes: applicants looking for a job in one of the other countries listed (but not available) will receive a response saying positions in that country are filled and a “suggestion” to take a job in one of the other countries (the only places they actually have jobs). The suggested countries will be just a fraction of what is listed on the website. At any given time, one might apply for Taiwan (for example) but if there is nothing available (even though they have Taiwan jobs listed on their job board), the applicant will be pushed toward China. They keep the ads up, they keep the articles about different countries up, but they do not have jobs in the locations they are promoting.

Another way they might “suggest” you go to another country is to play down the jobs in one place to build up another country. This is what happened to me in my phone conversation with Carrie Kellenberger. She played up Taiwan and played down China, although later she was very willing to offer jobs in China. It depends more on where they have the most chance of making money off of your application. This is a classic bait and switch, which I fell victim to when I applied to Korea but was pushed toward Taiwan.

Why do they advertise jobs they don’t have? The more content they have online, the more visitors and the more applications they receive. So while Google and other search engines drive people to Reach to Teach to apply for jobs in Chile, for example, you will not get a job in those countries. This is quite clever, but also very dishonest. They might be dynamiting the pond, but make sure you are not one of the people caught in the blast.