Reach to Teach Recruiting Reviews

I did a bit of digging in preparation for this page. One of the things I couldn’t figure out is… how did I not find Reach to Teach reviews that reflected my horrible experience and of the teachers I had met? I had read many reviews online and never read anything negative.

The first thing I discovered was that almost none of the review sites were willing to put up negative reviews because then the schools will not advertise with them. I had posted a review on a very popular teaching resource and it was deleted within 24 hours. Digging into this, I discovered that Reach to Teach advertised with them regularly. I guess the almighty dollar is more important than letting people voice their concerns about advertisers.

The second thing I discovered was the one of the biggest review sites on the internet has a suspicious and somewhat inappropriate relationship with Reach to Teach. If you look at GoOverseas, you can see they have a lot of reviews of a lot of different programs. I tried to post a review of Reach to Teach on GoOverseas as well, but it was never posted. Quite by accident (and by simple research), I discovered this on Wikipedia about Reach to Teach:

The business was founded by Mitch Gordon in 2005. The company was sold to Carrie and John Kellenberger in June 2012.

When I looked up GoOverseas, I found that Mitch Gordon is one of the founders of GoOverseas and owner to present day. That puts a two year window where he was running both a review website and a recruiting company that was reviewed on his own site. What does this mean for Reach to Teach Recruiting after 2012? From the Reach to Teach website:

In June 2012, my husband and I became the new owners of Reach To Teach, thanks to a long standing friendship with the previous owner (and good friend) Mitch Gordon.

I found out the hard way that this friendship likely extends to keeping negative reviews off of their website. Since reviews are one of the ways I was deceived about Reach to Teach, teachers need to take extreme caution when looking at online reviews, especially by any website that takes advertisers. It’s not likely you are to see the full truth about any of these schools.